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Buy stop146
Take profit156
Return on Investment +6,9%
Overview date2017-01-09
Date of the closing positionfrom 2017-01-24 to 2017-01-25

Buy stop16,73
Take profit18,33
Return on Investment +9,6%
Overview date2017-01-04
Date of the closing position2017-03-02

In this review, we recommend considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) Technology_Stocks . It reflects the dynamics of the portfolio from 10 stocks of the largest US companies from the high-tech industry, traded on NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchanges.

Inflation near Fed’s target threshold 2% and strong labor market support Fed policy tightening. This will strengthen the US dollar and pressure gold. Will gold continue falling?

Cocoa prices are correcting up amid the armed revolt in Cote-d’Ivoire and slightly worsened weather in West Africa. Will cocoa prices continue rising?

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