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Buy stop16,73
Take profit18,33
Return on Investment +9,6%
Overview date2017-01-04
Date of the closing position2017-03-02

In this review, we recommend considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) Technology_Stocks . It reflects the dynamics of the portfolio from 10 stocks of the largest US companies from the high-tech industry, traded on NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchanges.

Inflation near Fed’s target threshold 2% and strong labor market support Fed policy tightening. This will strengthen the US dollar and pressure gold. Will gold continue falling?

Cocoa prices are correcting up amid the armed revolt in Cote-d’Ivoire and slightly worsened weather in West Africa. Will cocoa prices continue rising?

The US dollar index is correcting down from its 14-year high recorded last week. Will it continue falling? Significant economic data in the US are expected only on Friday.

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), world coffee exports increased by 13, 6% to 9, 94 million bags of 60 kilograms in November of the last year. Will coffee prices continue rising?

Continuing rains since late December in Argentine have resulted in floods, which may prevent farmers from finishing sowing and replanting of soybeans. Lower planting area will result in lower crop which is bullish for soybean. Will soybean prices rebound?

From January 1, 2017 China tightened the control over the outflow of the capital and the acquisition of the foreign currency by private buyers. This contributed to the strengthening of yuan and the Australian dollar. The dynamics of their exchange rate is often the same, since because of the peculiarities of the Chinese currency legislation, the part of settlements between local companies takes place not in yuan but in Australian dollars. Will AUDUSD continue rising?

Silver Institute predicts an increase in global demand for silver due to its industrial use in the production of solar panels (photovoltaic) and as a catalyst for the chemical production of ethylene oxide. In addition, the metal is used in other types of industry as well. Will silver advance?